South of Justice cover artDear Friends and Readers–The second book in the Compass Crimes Series needs cover art. The wonderful cover artists at have sent three gorgeous choices and I can’t decide which to use. Help! Would you take a moment to vote of which of the choices you find the most interesting and representative of the story North of the Killing Hand? This is the second book in the Compass Crimes Series and it is a finalist in the Royal Palm Literary Award Competition. North of the Killing Hand debuts in trade paperback and eBook on October 16. The first book in the series was South of Justice.

When book covers appear on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and iBooks the images are small, so first impressions matter. For marketing, the covers maintain a similarity of style. Each story can stand alone, but the characters overlap from one story to the next. The Compass Crimes Series combines the elements of the women’s fiction genre, the crime genre, and the suspense genre. You can read the beginning of North of the Killing Hand by clicking here. And this is the back cover copy for the story:

After Nefi Jenkins witnesses her parents’ murder in Brazil, she bonds with her American rescuers. They bring her to the U.S. to live with her relatives where she must adapt to a radically different lifestyle. She dedicates her life to law enforcement, in large part to impress Vincent Gunnerson, one of her rescuers. Meanwhile, her parents’ killer tracks her down, forcing Nefi to choose between the rule of law and the temptation of revenge.

The story takes place deep in the Amazon jungle in Brazil, then in a major U.S. city.

Please cast your votes by listing the covers by letter in the order of your favorite to your least favorite. If you have a minute to explain why you like your favorite, that helps too! Which cover begs you to pick it up and peek inside?

Cover A

cover art of a woman alone on a street at night

Cover B

cover art of woman alone in a park at night

Cover C

cover art of woman in jungle

Thank you for your votes!

Thank you so much for making South of Justice a success! Every copy sold and every review feels like a hug to this debut author.

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