The Rusted Scalpel: A Medical Thriller

The Rusted Scalpel is Timothy Browne, MD’s best book yet! This medical thriller creates a you-are-there feel as Orthopedic Surgeon Nicklaus Hart struggles with sudden blindness. His disability forces him to reevaluate life as he knew it. With his career gone, he struggles with everything he previously took for granted.

cover of the medical thriller The Rusted Scalpel by Timothy Browne MDThis taut, suspenseful medical thriller draws the reader from Montana to exotic Singapore, to India, and to the remote areas of Borneo once known as the land of the headhunters. The memorable characters drive the story from one man’s struggle into the broader human battle between good and evil. Goodness and seductive evil reveal themselves slowly from the gray areas, one decision at a time, to the breath-taking conclusion.

This is the finest story in the Nicklaus Hart series of medical thrillers. Browne has the background as an orthopedic surgeon and as a medical missionary to write vivid thrillers set in the remote and forbidding ends of the earth.

Okay, I confess. Sometimes I buy a book because of the cover. In this case, I bought the book because I love medical thrillers, but wowza, what a gorgeous cover.

The Tree of Life by Timothy Browne

Not since Robin Cook’s Coma, has a medical thriller created such frightening and believable suspense. The Tree of Life is set in Turkey after the cradle of civilization is rocked by a devastating earthquake. Rushing into the disaster zone are Doctors Nicklaus Hart and Ali Hassan to triage and treat the wounded as quickly as possible. Faced with cultural and ideological conflict, the doctors strive to save the men, women, and children in an isolated area of Turkey. Centuries of deep-seated hatred between rival religious groups and extremists rise to the boiling point. The characters are presented with honesty and compassion in all their complexity and humanity.

This is the second medical thriller by Author Timothy Browne featuring Dr. Nicklaus Hart. The first book, published in 2017, was Maya Hope, set in Guatemala.

Author and Orthopedic Surgeon Timothy Browne writes with authority about disaster relief. He has worked with Mercy Ships, Operation Blessing, and Hope Force International. He provided medical and humanitarian aid in Sri Lanka after the 2004 tsunami, in Sierra Leone, West Africa at the end of the Blood Diamond War, and in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.