Banned Books Week 2022

Banned Books Week 2022

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Debate rages on about book banning. I believe we can all agree that adults in the United States have the freedom to read whatever they choose to read. Our minds are fully formed at about age 21, according to neuro-science.

X-rated, R-rated, and M-rated movies would not be allowed in public elementary or middle schools because they are considered inappropriate for younger viewers.

If we apply the same standards to literature in school libraries, what is the objection?

banned books week 2022

But let’s consider what reading material is age appropriate for younger readers. We can measure reading comprehension. Students learn to handle increasingly complex levels of vocabulary and sentence structures as they age.

What of content? Movies have ratings based on the subject matter, vocabulary, levels of violence, and sexual content. Lately, I’ve seen warnings in movies about smoking shown in them.

When my daughter was 13, she spent the night at another girl’s house and watched Psycho. She demanded to use the bathtub instead of the shower for six months. This tells me she was not  mentally prepared to handle the level of blood and violence in that movie at that age.

I firmly believe our minds absorb what we feed them. Fear, violence, the glorification of evil in all its forms have an effect on the mind.


I support choosing books to support the age level of the reader. I strongly object to banning books because someone wants to rewrite history or condemn past cultures and civilizations.

It is absurd to demand historical novels portray the values of today’s society. They cannot. They reflect the values and conditions of their time. In fact, public outrage over Wilkie Collin’s 1859 book The Woman in White led to changes in British law to protect women with greater legal rights.

Let us educate young minds and encourage creativity and freedom of thought without burdening kindergartners to decide on their future sex lives or set their identities in cement.

Teach the Golden Rule–to treat one another the way we want to be treated–along with math, science, history, language, social studies, art, and sports.

Leave out the race-shaming, revisionist history, and vogue social agendas. We don’t allow religion in public schools, so how about if we stop forcing opposite value systems on kids?

We are falling behind other nations scholastically. Less indoctrination. More basic education.

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East of Evil Cover Chosen

East of Evil Cover Chosen

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Thank you, readers! You have chosen the cover for East of Evil. Nefi is back and her life is turned upside down by a crime she needs help from her friends to solve.

East of Evil cover chosen

A colossal fortune. A secret reaper. A young woman whose drive for due process makes her the target of dangerous people…

Nefi Jenkins dreams of becoming an FBI agent. After outing her mom and dad’s heartless killer, the Harvard grad focuses on getting into a stellar criminal justice Master’s degree program. But her career goals take a back seat when she inherits a ten-million-dollar trust from her late parents… with a hefty chunk gone.

Seeking the help of a forensic accountant, Nefi is dismayed to discover a cunning thief has been stealing from her inheritance. And with her legacy at stake, the hidden enemy’s scheme to swipe her cash could turn deadly.

Can Nefi restore her parent’s wealth before her investigation turns fatal?

What do you think of this book trailer?


East of Evil is the fourth book in the page-turning Compass Crimes suspense series. If you like strong heroines, greed-driven motives, and jaw-dropping twists, then you’ll love Joni M Fisher’s hunt for the truth.

The cover was created by the artists at After readers and fans voted on their favorite of two cover choices, it was decided that the Nefi figure in one cover and the Boston Harbor background were the favorite elements, sooooooo the best of both was combined. 

And the result is this cover. Thank you, everyone for your feedback!

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Gardenia Garden Club Hosts Author

group photo of club members

Rare Evening Event for Club

Many thanks to Hostess Lisa Pearce and the Gardenia Garden Club of Winter Haven, Florida for inviting me to talk about my books and my writing process. The club held a rare evening meeting for this event!

I was an active member of the club for twelve years and took a hiatus to fulfill my dream of publishing novels. My Gardenia Garden Club sisters have cheered me on throughout this journey.

Author Joni M Fisher earns an achievement coin
Author Joni M Fisher conducting research

Research is the fun part of writing a novel. I have enjoyed learning about weapons, boats, aircraft, police procedures, fraud, self-defense, and more. The ladies asked questions about the process of writing a novel and about the upcoming book in the series.

As I complete the fourth and final book in the Compass Crimes series, the characters have become part of my life. Friends and colleagues have helped me tremendously through encouraging words, slogging through rough drafts, and introducing me to experts in various fields, vocations, and hobbies.

I’ve documented highlights of my research in this blog: Love of Research

Thank you, Gardenia sisters!

author presenting her work

International Literacy Day

To celebrate International Literacy Day, take a look at the most translated books of each country. How many have you read?

Have you considered how challenging it is to translate books from one language to another?

Oh, the idioms!

My daughter had an exchange student in her high school who came from France. When my daughter mentioned that I spoke some French, he wanted to meet me. He had a few burning questions he was uncomfortable asking his host family. We met at the bowling alley one evening while the students were teamed up to bowl.

After his turn, he dashed over to the table where I sat and whispered in French that his host family was very kind, but he was tired of eating from a window. Ah, yes. The host family had children in many after-school sports, so fast food was their go-to meal. He said he was a fine cook and wanted to stay home to make dinner, but he didn’t want to offend the hostess. I assured him the hostess would cook if she had the time. He should offer to cook dinners and make a list of the items he needed. The cultural exchange worked both ways.

The other burning question on his mind was that some girls at school said he was hot and others said he was cool. He wanted to know which ones liked him.

Yes, English is a complex language with many connotations for the same word.

May you discover great stories from other cultures and nations in their original language or through brilliant translation. Happy reading! Click below for the list.

The Most Translated Books

 My books are listed below…

Love and Danger Books

Thirty authors of clean crime fiction and inspirational fiction are offering books on sale from now until November 26! If you like danger and love and crime fiction without vulgar language and erotica, here you go. Grab these while you can.

As always, reviews are deeply appreciated by authors, especially those of us who are not yet bestsellers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The book I’m offering for $1.99 (instead of the usual $5.99) is South of Justice, the first book in my Compass Crimes Series.

After her husband’s arrest, a woman searches for the truth. Her heart says he’s her happily-ever-after. Evidence says he’s a killer.



50 Author Crime Fiction Giveaway

crime series books

Fifty authors of crime fiction have united to give away the first book in their series. You are invited to download all of them or select the ones you like.

Why give away books?

The concept is similar to the one used by drug dealers–give away the first sample and the addict will come back for more. Admit it, you are a reading addict. You’d rather dive into a book than watch television. Readers enjoy using their imaginations.

Readers have to bring something to the reading experience. Readers enjoy seeing the world through new perspectives. Readers thrive on vicariously living dangerously and exploring strange new places.

Welcome to the worlds of 50 crime authors. Let us entertain you.

Please let us know what you think of our creations by posting reviews on social media, Amazon,, BookBub, and wherever else you tell others about what you’ve read.

You will be added to our fan newsletters, to be notified of future giveaways and new releases and you may unsubscribe at any time.

From all of us who labor to bring you exciting stories, thank you!

North of the Killing Hand is the prequel, the first book by story chronology in the Compass Crimes, my crime fiction series. This is my contribution to the giveaway.

Each book features a woman whose life has been overtuned by a crime and the story is what she does to get justice. If you like crime without gore, try this book.