Fatal Recall by Carol J. Post

view of mountains in North CarolinaFatal Recall by award-winning author Carol J. Post accelerates quickly. It roars through tense action as killers track a woman who knows too much. The killers, unaware she has amnesia, intend to kill her before she regains her memory. The story is set in the Appalachian mountains and includes white-water rafting, hiking, and some of my favorite small towns in North Carolina. In true romantic-suspense style, the chapters alternate between the heroine’s point of view and the off-duty police officer hero’s point of view. The alternating scenes allow the reader to see deep inside the characters, their reasoning, their emotions, and their expectations.

This is Post’s twelfth book. Having read her previous novels, I believe she’s developed a smooth, distinctive narrative voice. Most of her stories have been published through Harlequin’s Love Inspired Suspense imprint, which means the reader will not be subjected to vulgar language. The faith element of the story rings true as both hero and heroine grapple with their understanding of the value of faith in a dangerous, ungodly world. The struggle with faith is subtle and genuine, never preachy. This is one of the many reasons I adore Post’s writing.

I was especially impressed by how the author crafted backstories of the hero and heroine that conflict and overlap. Under less dangerous circumstances, these two people would be unlikely to meet and yet their chemistry ignites the pages. The killers were crafted as genuine people, more like the odd neighbors down the street than caricature bad guys sometimes pasted into romance novels.

A great book, Fatal Recall arrives just in time for that first summer trip to the beach. Publication release date is June 1, 2018.

I reviewed other books by Post that you can read by clicking on the titles below. Trust My Heart was Post’s first indie title and it runs longer than the Love-Inspired books. Trust My Heart earned Post a RITA nomination.

Reunited by Danger

Trust My Heart


In Her Defense by Vicki Tharp

Vicki Tharp delivers smooth prose and fast-paced suspenseful story packed with an adrenaline-rush of crime, secrets, passion, and intrigue. In Her Defense begins when Attorney Danielle McKean returns to Charleston to appeal the murder conviction of an architect. Returning to Charleston creates emotional turmoil for Danielle. She knows she will have to face her ex Jack Walsh. She doesn’t want to rehash their past.

Jack Walsh never fully understood why they broke up. Danielle had told him she didn’t want children, yet she returns unmarried, with a daughter. To make matters worse, Danielle’s investigation sheds unwelcome light on the architectural firm’s partners–one of whom is Jack’s father.

In Her Defense by Vicki Tharp

In Her Defense by Vicki Tharp

As Danielle researches the evidence against her client, forces arise to block her path. Jack wants answers, so he tags along with Danielle. Soon, Danielle and Jack realize that someone very dangerous wants to stop Danielle. The stakes rise with each piece of evidence gathered. What is Danielle willing to risk for her client? Should she trust Jack?

Surprises and twists drive the reader from chapter to chapter. Don’t start reading unless you can spare enough time to finish!

Tharp is also the author of Don’t Look Back, a romantic suspense finalist in the 2007 Golden Heart Awards sponsored by Romance Writers of America.


The Writer’s Life and Conferences

Just returned from a week-long stint at the Romance Writer’s of America conference in Anaheim. Tossed my suitcase in the room and headed over to the Convention Center to unpack and haul books for the Literacy Signing. Did we haul books! The next day I volunteered for the Librarian’s Day Goodie Room–where publishers and authors woo librarians with free books of all types and sizes. How can I describe the faces of bliss as the librarians chatted with authors over free books? Transcendent joy comes close.

What does my husband think I do at these conferences? Argue the merits of sans serif fonts? Does he imagine that we meet like hermits dragged from solitude into the light of day? I have been afraid to ask. Hubby is an orthopedic surgeon. At his conferences they discuss life and death issues and often practice new operating tools and techniques on cadavers. Oh, wake up and smell the formaldehyde. Eeeew.

A group of my colleagues in the Kiss of Death Chapter (writers of suspense, mystery and thrillers), took a tour with the LAPD. As AJ Brower summed it up, “Men in uniform, on horseback with guns.” She then bragged about her high-speed thrill ride on a training track with one of the merry men in blue. Many of the women on that tour bought tiny silver handcuff pins to commemorate their day. Next year I’m booking an earlier flight!

Day two hubby called to ask if I was okay and if I felt the earthquake.

Earthquake? No, dear.

And what about the riot nearby?

Uh, what riot?

With concern in his voice, he asked if I ventured outside at all.

No, dear. Having a great time. I could almost hear him shake his head. All his sweet concern was wasted on me as I enjoyed the estrogen storm of two thousand women at conference. The community of writers is a diverse, welcoming, generous group of professionals. Okay, generous until the publishers host book signings and give away free books–then it’s more like a shoe sale at Macy’s.

While all the attendees wear name badges, many add pins to them for bling. Pins to identify their chapter. Pins to identify winners of the Golden Heart and RITA awards, pins to show leadership positions, pins that promote books, and goofy pins as well. The name badges also sport colored ribbons to denote status–Speaker, Librarian, Book Seller, First Timer, RITA Finalist, Golden Heart Finalist, volunteer, and so on. Perhaps the oddest combination of ribbons was on my Tampa Area Romance Author colleague Karen Fleming, whose namebadge was flagged with First Timer and Golden Heart Finalist. There is something almost wrong about that combination, however, that could be jealousy talking.

Karen Fleming accepting her Golden Heart Award.

Karen Fleming accepting her Golden Heart Award.

The highlight of the week was the awards ceremony for the RITA and Golden Heart Awards. The RITA Award is for published books of 2011 and the Golden Heart is for unpublished works. Two of my friends were finalists in the inspirational category of the Golden Heart Contest. Karen Fleming won and her friend, critique partner, and co-finalist Carol Post cheered her on. Author Karen Rose congratulated her with a hug. I thought we’d have to take Karen Fleming down with a tranquilizer gun to get her back to her room before her early flight home, but dancing wore her out.

After a week of late nights and early mornings, I’m back home awaiting three boxes of books to be delivered via FEDEX. I am an admitted book addict. Will share the loot with my book club pals and friends. The joy of reading is what writing is all about. One day I hope readers will be eager to settle into their beach chairs and sofas to be swept away in one of my stories. I strive to write the kind of story I long to read.

Back to the desk I go, like a hermit.