Compass Crimes Series


North of the Killing Hand



Orphaned in the rainforest, a teen finds family in America. There, her parents’ killer appears, and she must choose between justice or revenge.

This prequel to South of Justice is the beginning of the Compass Crimes timeline.


2016 Royal Palm Literary Awards, 2nd Place in the Unpublished Women’s Fiction category

2017 11th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards, finalist in the Suspense category

The international setting is equally fascinating, and readers will enjoy the way the author establishes the contrast between two worlds, building a powerful conflict around it as the protagonist adjusts and evolves. The themes are well explored, including crime, love and devotion, the sense of justice and revenge. North of the Killing Hand is a beautifully paced, absorbing story that keeps readers’ eyes on its pages.

Readers Favorite, a 5-stars

NORTH OF THE KILLING HAND by Joni M. Fisher is the story of a teenaged girl named Nefi, who is orphaned in Brazil, rescued, and has to adjust to life in America after the murder of her missionary parents. The drama that follows–Nefi becomes a member of law enforcement who has to choose between seeking revenge and obeying the law–is where the suspense comes in and through it all is a unique, endearing romance. Fisher’s story is grounded in meticulous detail and feels alive with fresh observations, with an ending that is satisfying yet leaves the reader wanting more.

Reading North of the Killing Hand means you are in for some suspenseful and gripping storytelling.


The Florida Writers Association announced North of the Killing Hand a finalist in the 2016 Royal Palm Literary Awards in the category of unpublished Women’s Fiction.

Royal Palm Literary Award

A suspenseful, romantic crime novel. North of the Killing Hand had my full, undivided attention. Joni M. Fisher tells the complex story of Nefi Jenkins, who grew up too fast and found faith, courage and love after witnessing her parents murder. The climactic twists and turns had me craving more.

Tracy Hansen

I was hooked from the very first page. Amazing writing. This story was so well developed, the characters were multi-dimensional…and the action and intrigue were outstanding.

Scherry at The Novel Lady

A gifted story-teller, Joni Fisher writes with energy and passion that comes to life in her characters. North of the Killing Hand is an intricate and suspenseful read that grips the reader from start to finish.

John Foxjohn, International, USA Today, and New York Times bestselling author

The Florida Writers Assocation awarded North of the Killing Hand placed second in the unpublished women’s fiction category at the 2016 Royal Palm Literary Awards.

Royal Palm Literary Awards

The 11th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards announced North of the Killing Hand is a finalist in the category of suspense.

National Indie Excellence Awards


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