No TV Weeks 9 to 16

Go ahead and be amazed. This TV junkie has been television-free for sixteen, count ’em, sixteen wonderful weeks. Sure, I ached that I missed the end of season episode of “Major Crimes” and hubby caught me muttering and carrying the remote around the house during the season finale of “Castle,” but thankfully, life has intervened to pull me out of the house and away from temptation.

No tv fly to VeniceI’ve hiked in the Smokey Mountains, flown with hubby to lunch in Venice, Florida, spent a few weekends near Asheville, visited family in Las Vegas for a week, and learned how to load and fire various handguns.

My evenings, previously spent in inertia on the sofa–remote in one hand, popcorn in the other–are now filled with stories by Janet Evanovich, Kristan Higgins, John Foxjohn, Sue Monk Kidd, Ian McEwan, Diane Capri, Liane Moriarty, Joshua Graham, and Kristin Hannah. I’ve even discovered books by first-time authors: Deborah Wilding’s Then I Met You, Martha Sibley George’s Goodbye, Miss Emily, and a few others I’m judging for the international Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence contest. Recently enjoyed the second novel by Noelle August. The first book was Boomerang and the second is Rebound. Also read an exciting medical thriller written by a physician friend that should be coming out soon.

twin-engine seaplaneI was hired by a national aviation magazine to report on Sun ‘N Fun, the annual general aviation gathering founded by the Experimental Aircraft Association, better known as EAA. Sun ‘N Fun begins next week in Lakeland, Florida. The Brietling Jet Team will be performing airshows, and a few friends will be receiving the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award next week. The son of friends will also be in town after being certified or approved to land on carriers. Is this a great life or what? I get PAID to meet my aviation heroes and write about them.

So, overall I have not missed television. I’m out having fun in the real world and reading wonderful, hilarious, and exciting stories. Oh, and I’m writing a few of my own. One is a 90,000-word suspense story with elements of romance, and the other is an 85,000-word suspense story with elements of romance. My BETA readers and critique partners are chewing through them now. All prayers are appreciated.

Rebound by Noelle August

Rebound (Boomerang, #2)Rebound by Noelle August

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rebound is the laugh-out-loud adult funny awkward story of online dating company owner Adam Blackwood and investor representative Alison Quick who struggle to keep their minds on business while they fight to control their intense physical attraction to one another. Adam needs the twenty-million-dollar investment of cash from Quick Enterprises to launch a business venture, so sleeping with the daughter of the investor would be a career disaster. Alison wants to impress her father with her business acumen, so she is sent to dig up everything she can on Adam and his company.

Can wealthy millennials balance business and pleasure without failing at one or the other? And when does due diligence become unduly personal?

This story can stand alone, though it has overlapping characters from Noelle August’s first book titled Boomerang. Don’t read these books in public places AND try to suppress your laughter, or you’re likely to snort coffee from your nose. Just saying, been there, done that. Not pretty.

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Boomerang (Boomerang, #1)Boomerang by Noelle August

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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A feel-great, choke-on-your-coffee, cringe-worthy, awkwardly hilarious romp from page one, this adult romantic comedy makes me grateful I’m married. Torn between competition and yearning, Mia and Nathan’s relationship resembles the act of spinning plates on poles–creating awe and a heavy dose of impending disaster until the very last moment. The self-deprecating inner monologues of Mia and Nathan reveal the true depths of their conflicted, complex, want-but-can’t-have yearnings. There are no minor characters in this story because the friends, family and co-workers of Mia and Nathan’s world each sparkle and delight as unique. Wonderful!

Cheers to authors Lorin Oberweger and Veronica Rossi for combining your formidable talents to develop such a memorably marvelous story. I haven’t laughed that hard in too long. This is a good-for-the-heart read. This reader gets the impression that this must have been fun to write because it was so much fun to read. Thank you. Thank you. You owe me a night’s sleep. The book stuck in my hand.

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