Welcome to Embrace Your Geekness Day! This holiday was not my idea, but I embrace it wholeheartedly. Think of all the people who have been labeled geek, wonk, nerd, and such. Among them are industry leaders, creative geniuses, outcasts, and eccentrics.

I embrace my inner geek whenever watching Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and a long list of fantasy and science fiction movies. Meeting Leonard Nimoy when he published his first and second books, was a thrill. Dining with James Doohan at Disney’s first (and only?) science fiction convention was another great joy.

When my daughter resumed reading after her brain injury, it was the Harry Potter Series that revived her love of books. We read them all and then went out to the movies as each one reached a theater nearby. She came home from college for the last Harry Potter movies.

And look at these 21 wondrous things that first appeared in Star Trek which geeks made into reality!

Star Trek-inspired inventions.

My Geekness Shows When…

On Halloween, I wear a Star Trek Captain’s shirt and comm badge. One year, my granddaughter saw the costume and said, “Going as a geek this year?” She knows me that well.

It was a shock and surprise to my sweet husband when I qualified for Mensa, the high IQ society. Of course, I still do the occasional ditzy thing like leaving home without my cell phone, but that’s part of being human. Right?

My grandkids call me a geek for reading books. Real. Paper. Books. Guilty as charged. I think they are geeks for reading on a device, but I celebrate whenever they read.

My inner geek emerged when I decided to learn to fly. All the instruments on the panel transformed from whiz-bang dials and screens into powerful navigation tools after months of study.

Knowledge is power.

The friends who tried to warn me away from flying later asked for a flight. Embrace the hobbies and activities–like reading–that bring you joy.

Let your geek flag fly.

 When does your geekness show?

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