The Paducah Page Turners Book Club hosted me to discuss the research phase of writing West of Famous. The story is about a young woman hired as a celebrity look-alike, to travel and be seen with the celebrity’s entourage. It’s all fun until the kidnapping.

The young woman is held on a trawler in the 10,000 islands of Florida south of the Everglades. In researching trawlers, I had the expert help of Paul and Caryn Frink. They owned a lovely trawler named Seeker and graciously allowed me to use the name of their boat in the book. They also granted me permission to use their first names as characters in the story–the owners of the trawler named Seeker.

book club ladies
Seeker, the trawler in West of Famous

Caryn and Paul brought me to Panther Key in the 10,000 islands, where key parts of the story take place. This area served as a corridor for rum runners during Prohibition, and drug runners in the 70s and 80s.

The cover of West of Famous includes a photo taken from Seeker at Panther Key. This was the most fun I’ve had researching a book.

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