The milestones in a writer’s life often happen quietly. Seeing your byline on that first published article or poem or short story. Cashing that first check. That first time a newspaper or magazine editor calls and asks you to write an article because he saw something else you wrote. Getting a full-time job as a journalist or technical writer. The thrill of reading an email from an agent asking for the full manuscript. Holding the first copy of your novel feels like holding your first-born. Earning the first royalty check. Receiving a pin in the mail.

Today, one of those milestones occurred. I have been a member of Romance Writers of America since 2010. This fine organization has different membership levels. The first level is general member. After a few years, I earned PRO membership, which meant I was seriously working toward publication by submitting my queries and manuscript to agents and publishers. I taught workshops on dialogue and actively served in two chapters of the RWA. A sweet lady at RWA, Carol Ritter, walked me through the process to apply for the PAN status. I’ve already warned her that she’s getting a big hug at the RWA conference this summer!

The latest milestone is a PAN pin. I received my little gold pin that means I’m part of the Published Author Network of RWA. I think I heard Handel’s “Messiah” playing when I opened the box. The pin even has a little bling, a sparkle in the middle. Yes, I am in my sparkle phase. When Handsome arrived home from work, he reacted to the pin with a hug and “congratulations.” Okay, it isn’t a Pulitzer, or a big fat royalty check, but it marks a big leap of progress in this new author’s life. So I’m gonna celebrate.

membership pinYou can celebrate with me. I’m giving away 250 copies of the ebook version of North of the Killing Hand to the first 250 who sign up for my newsletter through the link below. My modest newsletter won’t spam your inbox. I don’t share my email list with anyone. The newsletter goes out about five times a year for things like giveaways, begging for help in choosing cover art, and announcing the release of the next book.

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Happy reading! Oh, and reviews on social media (Facebook, Goodreads, and Amazon…) are greatly appreciated.

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