Thank you, readers, for your feedback. The votes are in and the cover for the upcoming West of Famous. We have a winner. This is the third book in the Compass Crimes Series and it is scheduled for release in February. It can be read as a standalone. For those unfamiliar with the series, it has overlapping characters. The prominent characters in one book are minor characters in another. All the stories feature strong women and a crime. This story features Martina Ramos, a young woman who secretly takes a part-time job during a break from Oxford University.

Why the Right Cover Matters

According to experts in marketing, books in a series work best with a signature look or brand. Carl Hiaasen, for example, has eye-catching colorful, simple covers that tell the reader to expect humor. And yes, readers do judge a book by its cover. Great cover art reveals the type of story inside. I’ll prove it. Let’s play pick the genre.

A woman homicide investigator holds a gun behind her back as dark butterflies flit around her.


Martini Afternoons by Beverly Fortenberry

Reunited by Danger

Which one is romance? Young adult? Humor? Science Fiction? Literary or Women’s Fiction? And this is why choosing the right cover art matters.

The Runners-Up

The runners-up, though beautiful, did not resonate with loyal readers enough to suit the storyline. If you want some background on the setting of West of Famous, check out the research stage of developing this story here: Call Me Trawler Trash. Many thanks to the brilliant and talented graphic artists at for their work on these cover choices. These are the three runners-up.

cover art candidate 1 for West of Famouscover art candidate 2 for West of Famouscover art candidate 3 for West of Famous

And The Winner Is…

West of Famous book cover



A young woman plays the role of her life when kidnappers mistake her for a celebrity.

Those who know where she is don’t value her life. Those who value her life, don’t know she’s missing.

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