Thank you, readers! You have raised East of Evil into an Amazon Bestseller during its first week of publication. While it is a small thing to buy a book from a relatively unknown author, earning that sweet orange Amazon bestseller banner is a huge joy to that relatively unknown author.

During the writing and editing of this book, my mother passed away and this is my first motherless Mother’s Day. To all those who have lost their mothers, please accept my deep condolences.

To those readers who have read East of Evil and reviewed it or posted the cover on social media with a recommendation–THANK YOU!

Amazon bestseller East of Evil
The award-winning compass crimes series by Joni M Fisher

Like every loving mother, mine celebrated every accomplishment from taking those first steps to completing my fourth novel. However, she never read any of my books. An avid reader all her life, she became an invalid about the time my first book debuted. Her attention span dwindled to moments.

So, you’ll understand that I treasure reviews from readers, yes, even the “not-my-kind-of-book” reviews. Writers tend to spend long periods researching, writing, and editing alone.

Putting a book out on the market feels like watching one’s toddler cross the road. Equal parts of anxiety and hope.

You have reignited my hope and joy. If my stories have brought light, humor, and entertainment to your life, then all that work was worthwhile. We have such a brief time here on earth, let us be kind and light in a cruel, dark world.

Thank you, and God bless you!

Helen Jo Butterworth, Esquire

This is my favorite photo of my mother, Helen Jo Butterworth, Esquire. Mom was a lawyer late in life, just as I became an author late in life. I miss her dearly.

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