Caryn and Joni best friends
best friends

My best friend Caryn keeps all my secrets. She’s been a loyal, kind-hearted friend since middle school. We’ve been through many milestones together. She taught me how to shave my legs with a razor. Whenever we talk, we pick up where we left off as if only moments ago even though sometimes weeks have passed.

We have been through dating, weddings, and funerals side by side. I celebrate her on Best Friends Day.

When I was researching boats for my book West of Famous, I asked her about trawlers. She and her husband Paul love to sail and Paul was a nuclear engineer in the Navy. Well, turns out she and Paul were buying a 37-foot trawler to live on and they invited me to ride along on their shake-down cruise.

God’s timing was perfect. When I boarded the boat, I didn’t know my aft from starboard. Caryn and Paul educated me and answered a thousand questions. They even let me use their first names and the name of their boat in my book.

From middle school to middle age, we have shared our lives like sisters–no holds barred. I keep hoping they move to Florida so we can visit more often, but that’s not happening. Her daughter and son-in-law just had their first child.

I live near my grandkids, so I understand. 

So, celebrate Best Friends Day by calling your bestie. The older I get, the more time becomes precious. And time with friends is the best.

How long have you known your best friend?

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