cover of novel showing couple outside a buildingKD Fleming’s latest sweet romance again shows the gift for storytelling that won her the Romance Writer’s of America Golden Heart Award. Her Hometown Reporter is set in Pemberly, Georgia just before Christmas as Legal Secretary Gina Lawson and her pal Toby Hendricks prepare for another social outing. Their platonic, symbiotic relationship allows them to attend society events as a couple without any personal commitment. The deal is that Toby is a reporter for the The Sentinel newspaper and Gina has the social connections to help him get close to Senators, Pastors and the local high society folks. Neither faces the stigma of attending events alone, and Gina’s insight into the world of Pemberly provides Toby with a huge advantage.

They might have become more than friends if Toby wasn’t set on his five-year plan to move up and out of Pemberly into the big leagues of journalism. Gina world is her hometown of Pemberly where her large family and friends reside. Toss in meddling relatives and friends and the casual friendship gets complicated.

I had the joy of seeing KD Fleming accept her award at the RWA Conference. She is a gracious, thoughtful lady who deserves all the success she has worked for and more.

Deft dialogue, sharply defined characters and suspenseful situations make this romance an uplifting read. Published by Love Inspired on May 5, 2015. Available in paperback and eBook formats.

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