Vicki Tharp delivers smooth prose and fast-paced suspenseful story packed with an adrenaline-rush of crime, secrets, passion, and intrigue. In Her Defense begins when Attorney Danielle McKean returns to Charleston to appeal the murder conviction of an architect. Returning to Charleston creates emotional turmoil for Danielle. She knows she will have to face her ex Jack Walsh. She doesn’t want to rehash their past.

Jack Walsh never fully understood why they broke up. Danielle had told him she didn’t want children, yet she returns unmarried, with a daughter. To make matters worse, Danielle’s investigation sheds unwelcome light on the architectural firm’s partners–one of whom is Jack’s father.

In Her Defense by Vicki Tharp

In Her Defense by Vicki Tharp

As Danielle researches the evidence against her client, forces arise to block her path. Jack wants answers, so he tags along with Danielle. Soon, Danielle and Jack realize that someone very dangerous wants to stop Danielle. The stakes rise with each piece of evidence gathered. What is Danielle willing to risk for her client? Should she trust Jack?

Surprises and twists drive the reader from chapter to chapter. Don’t start reading unless you can spare enough time to finish!

Tharp is also the author of Don’t Look Back, a romantic suspense finalist in the 2007 Golden Heart Awards sponsored by Romance Writers of America.


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