North of the Killing Hand is a finalist in the Royal Palm Literary Awards! The second book in the Compass Crimes Series will be released in eBook and trade paperback in October. If you want to read the first chapter, click here: North of the Killing Hand. My deepest thanks to the readers and reviewers who have helped make South of Justice a success.

Many characters in South of Justice also appear in North of the Killing Hand. This second book focuses on how Nefi Jenkins first meets Ruis, Vincent, and Blake. Both stories center on deadly crimes and how these crimes affect the people involved, both the victims and the perpetrators. Both stories feature strong female protagonists.

Goodreads Giveaway

For readers who are on Goodreads, there will be a giveaway of signed trade paperback copies North of the Killing Hand coming up. Goodreads readers are known for giving reviews and as a new author, I appreciate word-of-mouth recommendations of my books. If you would like to be notified ahead of time, sign up to Subscribe to Book News on the home page of my website. I will also be asking for your help in choosing the best cover art to suit the story, because readers understand the power of a great cover.

Thank you for your support! I’m going to go dance for joy around the house before handsome gets home. Good day, and God bless you.


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