After years and years of writing, editing, rewriting, and so on, launching that first book into the world felt like watching my child cross the road for the first time alone. At night. Then, a Beatrix Potter theme postcard arrived from reader Lynn Dempsky. She had won a copy of South of Justice through a Goodreads Giveaway and so she thanked me for the book. A response from the void! A light in the darkness!

Readers began posting reviews on Goodreads and Amazon and Facebook. Some authors avoid reading reviews, lest they be discouraged or distracted by them. But look I did. There were 59 reviews, all four and five stars. This dear book–my paper offspring–is steadily climbing in its category. I want to hug every reviewer. Thank you Amazon Customer, and Luv2read, and all the other kind souls who took the time to post feedback.

Photos of readers holding the book started to show up on social media.

 Readers on sofas

 Readers Tyrette Tebbi and her mother Dr. Joyce Metzendorf reading South of Justice.

 And at the beach

 A reader takes South of Justice to the beach.

At a hunting camp

Denise Ortagus at a hunting camp.

And on a plane

Amy Devore reading on a plane.

And on the sea

Readers are the best, you see!

Thank you, thank you. Your responses fill my heart with joy. This debut author believes that readers rule! I cherish the thought that somewhere, someone enjoyed this story. That, after all, is the point of writing. Long after the royalty checks are cashed, the thrill of knowing my work entertained readers makes all the long days and nights of writing and editing worthwhile.

Now I carry a box of books in the back of my Highlander. You know, for those times like last Sunday when a lady at church asked if I had a copy to sell. She didn’t like to use the computer, and in my county, there is only one measly bookstore…so, yes, I happen to have a copy on hand. I’ll even autograph it.

And now, back to writing the next book!

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