The Secret, the 28th installment of the best-selling Jack Reacher series debuts October 24, 2023. Set in 1992, we find Jack Reacher on assignment investigating M-16 parts cleverly stolen from the Rock Island Armory.

Meanwhile, a series of seemingly accidental deaths raises alarm from one of the highest political offices in the country. Jack Reacher and agents from the CIA, FBI, and Treasury to find the connection to the victims.

Once they discover the connection, the race is on to save all the others involved in a top-secret program from the 1960s. Why, decades after the program ended, is someone killing off those involved in the program?

Who would profit from their deaths? And why now?

Authors and brothers Lee Child and Andrew Child collaborate in this series now, fueled by coffee. Lee consumes about 30 cups a day, and Andrew often drinks 35 cups a day. Does caffeine help craft their high-energy suspense stories?

Whatever it takes the authors to create the stories, they remain popular in print, in movies, and in the TV series, “Reacher,” streaming on Amazon.

While Tom Cruise captured Jack Reacher’s lethal intensity in the movie version, I believe the actor in the streaming series epitomizes the character as described in the novels, and he’s gorgeous!

Season one featured the story of The Killing Floor with actor Alan Ritchson playing Jack Reacher.

Season two begins this December. It will feature the story of Bad Luck and Trouble (Book 11).

Readers and viewers are hooked on the brains and brute force methods of this wandering hero tracking down evil-doers and exacting justice.

National Public Radio calls the Jack Reacher “easily the best thriller series going.”

If you like your thrillers engaging and you don’t mind the body count, this series is for you.

Many thanks to Lee and Andrew Child and Delacorte Press for the advanced reader copy. 

Which book in the series is your favorite?

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