Her Hometown Reporter by KD Fleming

cover of novel showing couple outside a buildingKD Fleming’s latest sweet romance again shows the gift for storytelling that won her the Romance Writer’s of America Golden Heart Award. Her Hometown Reporter is set in Pemberly, Georgia just before Christmas as Legal Secretary Gina Lawson and her pal Toby Hendricks prepare for another social outing. Their platonic, symbiotic relationship allows them to attend society events as a couple without any personal commitment. The deal is that Toby is a reporter for the The Sentinel newspaper and Gina has the social connections to help him get close to Senators, Pastors and the local high society folks. Neither faces the stigma of attending events alone, and Gina’s insight into the world of Pemberly provides Toby with a huge advantage.

They might have become more than friends if Toby wasn’t set on his five-year plan to move up and out of Pemberly into the big leagues of journalism. Gina world is her hometown of Pemberly where her large family and friends reside. Toss in meddling relatives and friends and the casual friendship gets complicated.

I had the joy of seeing KD Fleming accept her award at the RWA Conference. She is a gracious, thoughtful lady who deserves all the success she has worked for and more.

Deft dialogue, sharply defined characters and suspenseful situations make this romance an uplifting read. Published by Love Inspired on May 5, 2015. Available in paperback and eBook formats.

To the Nines by Janet Evanovich

To the Nines (Stephanie Plum, #9)To the Nines by Janet Evanovich

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

To the Nines
Stephanie Plum, Bond Enforcement Agent, has bad guys stalking her, men lusting after her, and she keeps losing cars as usual. In To The Nines she is chasing clues to find Samuel Singh, a man who wants to evade his fiancé and players in a deadly computer game. Her sister’s baby is due and Grandma Mazur is up to her usual craziness. Fast, funny, and feverish fun.

For fans, this book has more Morelli and less Ranger. Both men lust after and love Stephanie in their own way.

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Hard Eight by Janet Evanovich

Hard Eight (Stephanie Plum, #8)Hard Eight by Janet Evanovich

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Team Ranger dominates this episode of the Stephanie Plum series and things heat up when Stephanie tries to do a favor for a neighbor that puts her at odds with a dangerous loan shark. In addition to chasing bond jumpers, Stephanie is accruing debt with Ranger and he intends to collect. Ranger’s presence causes women’s body temperatures to rise and Stephanie is not immune. With mixed fear and fantasy, Stephanie wonders when Ranger will call in his debt. Locked doors don’t even slow him down, so look for thrills and hilarious situations in Hard Eight.

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Goodbye, Miss Emily by Martha Sibley George

book cover shows young girl watching car leave

Goodbye, Miss Emily
by Martha Sibley George

After Morgan Bigley’s wife Emily dies leaving him with two daughters in the 1940s, the society ladies swoop in like vultures. This is the old South of traditions and manners, so Mr. Bigley brings a widow into the house to guide his daughters in matters of how to behave, but when the widow’s lessons include prejudices resistance ensues. Told with deep love and appreciation for Southern life, this story brings the grandeur and the divisions of the south to life through the eyes of Morgan Bigley and his youngest daughter Agnes. Just as the nation comes of age in the face of World War II prejudices and hatreds, so the family struggles to let go of wife and mother Emily to embrace their future and their maturing views on life and love. Change comes hard to the family. Agnes was my favorite character. She comes of age during this tragedy in her life. The sisterly squabbles between older sister Josy and Agnes rang true.
The narrative voice of the story rings of authenticity and grace through the deft prose of author Martha Sibley George. This story generated unanimous approval and good discussions in my book club!

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Then I Met You by Deborah Wilding

Winner of the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence, Then I Met You by Deborah Wilding presents Hawaiian society just before the attack on Pearl Harbor through the eyes of twenty-two-year-old Merrylei Wentworth in a seamless blend of history and fiction. The Wentworth family built their fortune in shipping, dating back to the days of Hawaiian royalty. After Merrylei’s father dies, she returns to Honolulu to restore the family mansion with plans to open it as a guesthouse. The grand house suffers from vandalism, age, and general inattention.

When Nisei (second-generation American-Japanese) Jamison Sumida offers architectural plans to restore the mansion, Merrylei is cautious. In 1941 Hawaiian society is sharply divided into racial and financial classes that place Jamison and Merrylei in separate social circles. Jamison wins her trust when he demonstrates his deep appreciation for paintings, specifically works created by Merrylei’s mother. Merrylei crosses an unspoken social boundary when she hires Jamison to assist in the mansion restoration.

cover of Then I Met You by Deborah Wilding

Then I Met You by Deborah Wilding

One of the first to object is businessman Jerry Caine who courts Merrylei. His charm and connections make him a very eligible bachelor. He is concerned for Merrylei’s safety alone at the mansion. Stolen royal jewels, curses, rumors of war, acts of vandalism, Japanese leasehold farmers who fear eviction, and the attack on Pearl Harbor threaten to prevent Merrylei from saving the family home.

As Merrylei comes of age–discovering her own strength–so does the nation at the outbreak of war.


In 2013 this story won the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in the category of unpublished historical mystery/suspense under the title In a Sea of Change.

Rebound by Noelle August

Rebound (Boomerang, #2)Rebound by Noelle August

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rebound is the laugh-out-loud adult funny awkward story of online dating company owner Adam Blackwood and investor representative Alison Quick who struggle to keep their minds on business while they fight to control their intense physical attraction to one another. Adam needs the twenty-million-dollar investment of cash from Quick Enterprises to launch a business venture, so sleeping with the daughter of the investor would be a career disaster. Alison wants to impress her father with her business acumen, so she is sent to dig up everything she can on Adam and his company.

Can wealthy millennials balance business and pleasure without failing at one or the other? And when does due diligence become unduly personal?

This story can stand alone, though it has overlapping characters from Noelle August’s first book titled Boomerang. Don’t read these books in public places AND try to suppress your laughter, or you’re likely to snort coffee from your nose. Just saying, been there, done that. Not pretty.

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